By purchasing a ticket that grants you access to a Trainerswall Matchmaking Event, you consent and submit – without any restrictions whatsoever – to the terms and conditions set forth herein and set forth by Trainerswall (ORGANIZATION). This document is at your disposal at all times at the website


I. ACCESS TO THE EVENT FOR ADULTS. All participants of the event must be aged 18 years or older. Entry to the event constitutes acceptance of each and every one of the terms and conditions set out in this document and any amendments thereto, which shall be reported to the participants under the terms stated in this regulation.

II. SPACE IS LIMITED. The quotas to participate in the Matchmaking Events are limited. Quotas will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis for application forms duly completed and based on specific criteria per event, provided the payment was made in time and the application was duly approved by THE ORGANIZATION.

III. DATA CHECK. Once the form is filled out and sent, and the validity of the payment verified, the applicant will receive a confirmation by email.


I. REGISTRATION FEE AND PARTICIPANTS RIGHTS. The registration fee for the Matchmaking Event is indictaed on the event registration page and on the invoice.

The registration fee grants participants the following privileges:

1. Entrance to the venue throughout the duration of the selected event.

2. Participation in regular or scheduled activities, subject to general and particular conditions determined by THE ORGANIZATION for each one of them.

II. CATERING. Catering is provided throughout the Matchmaking Event at no additional cost.


I. SINGLE REGISTRATION. Only one registration per person will be admitted. Registrations are personal and non-transferable; change of ownership is not accepted.

II. PAYMENT CONDITIONS. Participants’ admission to a Matchmaking Event payment is conditioned upon the timely and effective payment of the participation fee in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein. This fee has to be paid via bank transfer.

III. REFUSAL OF REGISTRATION TO PARTICIPANTS. If THE ORGANIZATION becomes aware that a participant is deemed guilty of committing a computer crime, punishable by law; the registration process for that participant will not be completed and access to the event will be consequently denied. This situation can be brought to the attention of the competent authorities to make the necessary investigations. Likewise, The Organization reserves the right to void a registration when its internal identification systems alert to the possibility of irregularities in the transaction. Notwithstanding the foregoing, The Organization may alert the authorities on the possible perpetration of a crime.


I. PERSONAL BELONGINGS. The Organization is not to be liable for any theft or robbery of materials or any other object or element, whether they are consumable, unpalatable or otherwise, committed against the participants of the event. Therefore, is best not to leave your belongings unattended at any time throughout the duration of the event. By registering and participating in the event, participants expressly and irrevocably accept the regulations above and undertake that no claim or allegation shall be made against THE ORGANIZATION, its business partners, or the event’s sponsors, in case of any loss of property brought to the Event.

II. LAW BREACHING BY THE PARTICIPANTS. THE ORGANIZATION is not responsible for the crimes participants may commit at the event during the use they give to the network provided for carrying out the event. However, if THE ORGANIZATION becomes aware of any possible breach of national or international laws by a Participant, it may notify the authorities and surrender to them the participant who has committed or has sought to commit an illegal act.

III. DAMAGES TO COMPUTER AND OTHER EQUIPMENT OWNED BY PARTICIPANTS. The ORGANIZATION is not responsible for any material damage that may happen to the equipment during the event, whatever the physical or technical causes of such damages. Hardware will not be covered under any circumstances or in any way by THE ORGANIZATION.

IV. EVENT SUSPENSION. THE ORGANIZATION shall not be liable for any damages that may be caused to participants, whether direct or indirect, for the suspension of the event due reasons beyond its control, such as unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure, public safety or if there were to be a decision made by any administrative or judicial authority, that could oblige The Organization to suspend the Event. In that case, The Organization will, if possible, select new dates for the event once the reasons for the suspension are resolved, this being expressly and irrevocably accepted by the participants.


I. REGULAR ACTIVITIES. During the event THE ORGANIZATION has provided a range of activities and presentations of cutting-edge products for the participants to enjoy at no cost. These activities will be scheduled both at general and content area level. To access them the participants must meet the specific conditions that will be stipulated for each one of them.

II. CANCELLATION OR SUSPENSION OF ACTIVITIES. THE ORGANIZATION reserves the right to cancel, modify or alter any of the activities, competitions, courses or conferences to be held during the Event. Cancellations, changes or alterations in these activities will be announced in the official website of the event. In the case special activities are suspended, THE ORGANIZATION will refund the participants the corresponding amount.


I. PARTICIPANTS BADGES. In order to access the Event, the participant must be properly registered in the Database of the event, have made the payment in a timely manner and have the badges provided by THE ORGANIZATION. Badges will be given at the information stand specifically authorized for that purpose (check-in).

The badges will provide access to all areas of the event. It is mandatory to always wear the badges in a visible spot.

It is forbidden to enter the premises without the proper credentials, any person other than the participants of the event will not be able access it.

II. IMPORTANCE OF CARRYING THE BADGE. It is mandatory to present the badge before entering any area of the Event, as well as at the moment of collecting any gifts and/or prizes. The badge shall also be presented to Room Support and Security personnel or to any member of THE ORGANIZATION that requests it.

III. PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION. Along with the badge, event participants must have their personal ID with them, whether it is a national ID, valid passport or any other official identification document. In order to be identified at any given time upon request by ant member of THE ORGANIZATION. Copies are not accepted, only the original documents.


I. PUBLIC HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION RULES. For venue environmental protection and public health purposes, the organizers and participants of the Event must abide by the following rules. If a person breaches any of the restrictions will not only endanger their own safety but that of others, he or she shall be responsible for the implications that may occur, and may be also expelled from the event without any refund rights over the registration fee. Participants are obliged to comply with the following:

- Alcohol and any other controlled/illegal substances are banned at the venue, and trying to access the venue under the effect of said substances is forbidden. Failure to comply with this rule is considered a serious offense and will lead to expulsion from the event; in addition, the appropriate authorities will be notified.

- Flammable materials, such as gas lanterns, candles, torches, flares, weapons, fireworks, sprays, barbecues, microwaves, cooking utensils, etc. or any elements that may produce fire of any kind within the precincts of the event are strictly prohibited.

- It is mandatory to always wear the badge in a visible spot. Failure to do so is considered a serious offense.

II. BREACHES & PENALTIES. Any participants, in breach of the Terms, Conditions and Rules of Behavior of the Event or any other regulations imposed by THE ORGANIZATION, as well as the local laws in force before or during the event, will be held responsible for the consequences of their actions. Breaches are classified as minor infringements and serious offenses. Not all punishable infringements are stated herein and THE ORGANIZATION may use alternative criteria in order to impose further rules and penalties as needed.

III. MINOR INFRINGEMENTS. Minor infringements are considered all those inappropriate behaviors in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the manners and customs, and the law that may be detrimental to the normal development of the Event, the organization, the sponsors or the other participants and that are not considered serious offenses. The following list sets forth some examples of minor infringements, among others:

1. Verbally abusing another person.

2. Improper use of speakers, i.e., only individual headphones are allowed.

3. Use or possession of items not allowed by THE ORGANIZATION or by law, when the infringement does not constitute a serious offense

Minor infringements will be sanctioned depending on recurrence and the nature of the infringement itself at the discretion of THE ORGANIZATION.

The accumulation of three Minor Infringements will constitute a serious offense and, depending on the nature, they may lead to the expulsion from the event.

IV. SERIOUS OFFENSES. Not all serious offenses are stated herein and THE ORGANIZATION may use alternative criteria to sanction the offenses of the participants as serious depending on recurrence and the nature of the offense itself. Serious offenses will be classified at the discretion of THE ORGANIZATION, and the following list serves as merely illustrative examples:

1. Consumption, possession and distribution of alcohol as well as the distribution and/or consumption of illegal substances within the precincts of the Event or the attempt to enter the venue under the influence of said substances.

2. Not wearing the badge in a visible spot.

3. Providing your personal badge to another person, participant or else for them to use.

4. Wearing another participant’s badge.

5. Failure to present the badge, personal ID or passport upon request by any member of THE ORGANIZATION and/or security personnel.

6. Failure to show the content of a bag at the entrance when requested upon request by any member of THE ORGANIZATION and/or security personnel.

7. Unauthorized access attempts and/or denial of service (DoS) attacks to the servers and computers owned by THE ORGANIZATION or other participants.

8. Instigating or participating in any kind of fight.

9. Inappropriate behavior in the toilets, washrooms or showers.

10. Damaging washrooms, showers or any other property available to participants.

11. Possession or use of flammable/sharp objects, knives, guns, etc. within the precincts of the Event.

12. Physical assaulting or sexual harassing another person.

13. Displaying unlawful conduct and/or violating the rights of others.

14. Participating in any political campaigning or promoting terrorist, illegal or immoral groups.

15. Infringing national and international regulation regarding the use, distribution, and marketing of pornographic material, especially child pornography. Doing business or advertising at the event. In particular, but not limited to, promoting or developing commercial or promotional activities for companies, domestic or foreign, other than the official sponsors of the event, or perform any activity of this sort that may be detrimental to the commercial activity of the Organization or its commitments with the sponsors.

Serious offenses will lead to the expulsion from the event notwithstanding to any legal actions that may be taken by THE ORGANIZATION and without any refund rights over the registration fee. Whenever the offense constitutes a crime, the participant will be turned over to the authorities.

In conclusion, in case of infringement or breach of a rule not listed above, THE ORGANIZATION will take the appropriate actions on a case-by-case basis.


I. GUIDELINES FOR CANCELING EVENT PARTICIPATION. Participants are entitled to cancel their participation in the Event until 10 days before the event's date.

If the participant decides to cancel its participation in the Event before the deadline specified in the preceding paragraph, THE ORGANIZATION will refund their participation. For any cancellations made after the deadline the participant will not be entitled to a refund of the participation fee.

Cancellations must be requested to THE ORGANIZATION via the Contact Page. The participation fees corresponding to the people that cancel their participation to the event will be refunded two weeks after event completion.


By accepting these terms, the participant declares to have read and expressly agreed to the privacy policy included within this clause. The participants give clear and express consent for the inclusion and processing of their personal data in accordance with the purposes and services that THE ORGANIZATION provides, and in conformity to the following paragraphs of the present section.

The purpose of collecting and processing personal data is to properly manage user’s participation in the event and all its activities, as well as their service requests. This allows THE ORGANIZATION to make announcements via e-mail and perform both informative and commercial actions regarding products, activities and services.

The Participant expressly accepts the communication of personal data to the other entities of the Event, for the implementation and maintenance of the legal relationship established with the Participant and the provision of services within it.

The responsible of the file may transfer the data provided by the participant at the request of the administrative authorities and courts on duty in case of specific request by them.


The Participant acknowledges having read and understood the information provided in this document and accepts in full and without reservation, the contents thereof.